在2021年的 5 月初,上海和光居团队找到DCDSAA淀川建筑事务所担任项目总体设计,并宣布推出全新的茶室品牌 “和光茶室”。

In early May 2021, Shanghai And Light House invited DCDSAA Dianchuan Architects to serve as the master design of the project, and announced the launch of a new teahouse brand “Heguang Teaghouse”.


The brand name comes from The Chinese “Heguangtongchen”, “harmony in its light, the same as the secular.” Its implication is: mixing all kinds of brilliance, being with the same worldly, not exposed to the edge, and doing things in a peaceful way. The teahouse as a whole will serve as a medium for transmitting local culture, outlining the roots of the new tea culture.



In contrast to the impression of “modern and luxury” style, the tea space is designed with innovative cultural tone to bring different visual experience to guests. Under the traditional cultural framework, the teahouse incorporates meticulous standard services, making tradition and innovation run through every detail of the brand.



The project is located in the Tomson Business Center building on the Bund of Shanghai, designed by the architect Mr. Wang Hao, which creates new possibilities for the original building. The design of its space breaks through the conventional, creating a global experience throughout the interior and corridor as well as a harmonious and soothing atmosphere.


The building is located close to the Huangpu River, so the design was not only about light vision, but also about the interaction between internal and external space, to ensure the best visual effect in any teahouse viewing conditions. The simplicity and transcendence of each teahouse make it a refuge from the distractions of the outside world, where one can peacefully indulge in the enjoyment of beauty.



All rooms are made of diatom mud with different color texture materials, of which , the simple natural materials create a sense of hierarchy while ensuring the independence of each room, and the exquisite details complement the interior style and unify the tactile feeling of the whole tea room.


The textured colored walls and high black ceiling define the overall tone of the tea space, presenting a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. In the meantime, the overall design selects the thick textured desktop and wooden bamboo furniture to coordinate, making the use of space more in line with the needs of human experience.


In the design, natural light and internal space subtly interact, and these space silhouettes make the whole teahouse filled with a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere. The space is built into a personalized teahouse from the blank, in which the stone and texture materials used are the focal point of the whole design, and the use of different artistic texture tones and shifting door partitions aims to creating a different spatial atmosphere in each room.



Overall, the teahouse demonstrates the designer’s capacity to capture atmosphere and detail, as well as a deep understanding of materials and technology, which perfectly sums up his design philosophy for this project that, “Space is not simply a pile, and it is a product of the interaction between art, interior design and landscape. That’s what we have been trying to do, to bring these three elements together into a personalized harmony.”







Project Title : (The Bund Heguang Teahouse by Huangpu River in Shanghai)


Project Address: Huangpu District, Shanghai Province, China


Gross Floor Area: 180 square meters


Project Type: commercial/club/tea space


Project Owner: He Guangju, Shanghai


Design Company: DCDSAA Dianchuan Architects


Company Website: www.dcdstudio.cn


Chief Architect: Wang Hao


Design Team: Yuan Zhengliang, Tang Chao, Yan Bingkun


Date of Design: May 2021


Date of Completion: August 2021


Construction Unit: Shanghai Shixingyue Decoration Engineering Co., LTD


Main Materials: stone, steel plate, wood louver, art glass, plain cement, texture paint


Project Photography: ELTON STUDIO Zhu Enlong