Space Addition and Subtraction – Ganzhou Zhongchuang International Apartment



98 Unit


What do we want to say when discussing spatial temperament? It is the contrast and transformation of space, the elaboration and flow of light, or the atmosphere that pervades the entities.


In the office, the spiral ladder once again becomes a sculpture to guide the sight, like DNA double helix structure circling upward, giving the space both commercial and residential genes.


A large number of blank spaces form a contrast of density. In the tea area and dining space at the stairs, the seat cushion extends out of the wall and interacts with the opposite seat pier. The relaxing atmosphere helps people gain more inspiration.


The gray space at the lower part of the stairs forms a sense of domain in a vague way, and forms a conscious occlusion and interpenetration with the ultra-long extended conference table, connecting the space components with the users.


The small operational area enables meal preparation, in which low saturation Morandi color is full of youth and fashion atmosphere, and the repeated reappearance of blue presents continuous visual language.


For architects, the purpose of constructing such entities as walls, beams and columns is to leave space and meet functional requirements. Entity is an eternal constructor. Space shapes the inner experience. The interaction between the two forms the spatial temperament.


As a LOFT project, vertical transportation is often the center of interest. The heterogeneous component, metal suspended stairs, is placed in the room, and the surrounding environment takes this as the core to unfold the whole space narrative.


The decoration is delicate and nifty, which adds bright color in the space. Terrazzo owns the temperament of influencer, simple and warm. The design deconstructs the tension of the office from the style, making young entrepreneurs who are eager for small and beautiful things enjoy life in work.





Modernist architect Mies put forward the concept of universal space to ensure the uniformity of space, endless openness and maximum freedom with evenly distributed columns.


The shared area is the core space, which integrates many functions of display, work and communication. Continuing the elegance of modernism, a large amount of glass is used to ensure the quality of modernity – transparency and floating sensation.


The vertical vision is extended with the vertical components, and the landing product display stand and the sculpture exhibition stand on the second floor reproduce the theme in a similar way, strengthening the lofty feeling.


Three-dimensional space can be regarded as a void sculpture. As Michelangelo said of his work, “I just liberate the life imprisoned in stone”, and interior designers liberate the space for freedom in use.


Elegant marble is like mud in the hands of sculptors, which is governed by the aesthetics of mathematics and forms wonderful chords.



60 Unit


At the beginning of the 20th century, the machine industry replaced the handicraft, making modernism a prominent study. In Bauhaus, teachers designed avant-garde masters’ home, showing an unprecedented beauty of purity.


Like entering an Apple store, the office space is very simple in shape and presents a sense of the future. The metal plate veneer is consistent and the whole space is like a perfect industrial product.


Transparent bookshelves ensure their functions and hide themselves in a “not-existing” way as a response to vanity.


Paying tribute to Bauhaus master Moholi Naji’s horizontal multi-storey bookshelf, the thin metal pallet is especially used to deliver more contemporary artistic beauty, extending the line of sight to the empty area and bringing a sudden openness.


The concept of LOFT has been redefined, and the materials made of exquisite workmanship are as light as origami, revealing concise lines. The ultimate goal of the design is to create a resonance with the user, where the smart and fashionable aura is perfectly presented.



Project Name 丨Ganzhou Zhongchuang International Apartment


Location丨 Ganzhou, Jiangxi Province

设计面积丨120㎡/ 160㎡/ 60㎡

Design Area 丨120㎡/ 160㎡/ 60㎡


Design team丨Co-direction Interior Design


Main Materials丨marble,wood veneer, wood floor, baking paint board, black steel,carpeting,leather

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