Futuristic Laboratory


The MTS store is located on the third floor of Dong’an Luxemporium, with an overall store area of 160 square meters. The space demonstrates a reimagining of the sci-fi world, and the futuristic atmosphere is inspired by the imagination of the petri dish in the laboratory.




The striking metal structure and shape transformation reveals the spatial texture, creating a futuristic laboratory scene. Stepping into the immersive space, a large cylindrical art installation at the entrance depicts the “petri dish”, leading us to start this surreal journey.




The frame inside the installation delivers a stream of “nutrition” to the shoes. In the middle of the space, a large silver installation is an intelligent machine to restore life factors. There are four sets of silver shoe chairs around the outline of the structure, which satisfies both functionality and artistry.




As the experimental process goes by, we explore the final “mature” stage — a three-dimensional warehouse, combining “organic” and “artificial objects,” creating the artistic image of a biological structure.




With the collision of color and texture, the futuristic and sci-fi elements are deconstructed with the trendy shoes. The product is refined into a symbol of a biological database, which has undergone conceptual artificial incubation to interpret “the growing process.”


对于设计细节巧思为整体空间赋予更多的解读方式,细节处的雕刻纹理与透绿色玻璃上的花纹一并为ALL DESIGN STUDIO为项目原创设计,探寻人工智能与科技感的边界,凝视未来环境保护中,人类、自然与科技的力量。

Details in design offer a comprehensive interpretation of the overall space. The carved texture and the pattern on the transparent green glass are originally designed by ALL DESIGN STUDIO, exploring the boundary between artificial intelligence and technology.




In the ever-changing digital world, Generation Z has already sensed the concept and value of the climate environment. ALL DESIGN STUDIO uses the design language to interpret futuristic scenes, connecting dialogues with Gen Z consumers under the background of sci-fi narratives, shaping space as a container for stories, embracing nature, and creating a diverse vision of humans symbiosis.




项目名称:MTS 潮鞋店

设计单位:All Design Studio(







摄影师:  康超凡,谭啸

Project Information

Project Name: MTS Shoe Store

Design Firm:All Design Studio(

Client:  Luxemporium

Completion date:2021

Construction Area:160㎡

Project Location: 138 Wangfujing Street, Beijing

Design Director:Gnial Liang

Designer:Geralt Zhou

Photographer:  Chao Fan Kang from Chao Fan Photography ,Xiao Tan from Studio Ten