客户:PalaCinema Locarno SA (洛迦诺市政府)








DFN Dario Franchini – 建筑商

Eddy Toscano Eng. – 现场监理

WMM – 土建工程师


SPED De Lorenzi SA – 电气专家

Marco De Carli – RVCS专家

EcoControl – 建筑物理

Luciano Bernardini – 消防安全

摄影者:Giorgio Marafioti

PalaCinema建成后能在此进行各种电影艺术活动,如洛迦诺电影艺术节,瑞士电影档案馆、瑞士视听说能力馆、视听说科学国际音乐学校、提契诺电视制作设施、提契诺电影委员会和瑞士南方应用科技大学视听说学院。作为一种商业设施,Palacinema Enjoy Arena将定期使用该建筑内的影厅。

The PalaCinema aims to build a physical structure to host a multicultural platform for the cinematic arts built around a convergence between the Locarno Film Festival, the Swiss Film Archive, the Swiss Competence Centre for Audiovisual Arts, the International Conservatory for the Audiovisual Sciences, the production facilities for the Ticinese Television, the Ticino Film Commission and the Audiovisual Department of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland. A commercial entity, Palacinema Enjoy Arena will make use of the cinema rooms in the building on a regular basis.

该项目利用Palazzo Scolastico 和Piazza Remo Rossi已有结构,并借助非常有名的洛迦诺电影艺术节。以经济实惠和城市回收利用为指导原则建成该新建筑,尽力赢得曾用来举办当地教育活动的Palazzo Scolastico的喜爱,成为洛迦诺电影艺术节举办场地。

The project reuses the existing structure of the Palazzo Scolastico and the Piazza Remo Rossi to capitalize on the presence of the Locarno Film Festival into a significant institution for the City of Locarno. The project has been guided by principles of economy and urban recycling to create the identity of this new institution, trying to capitalise on the public affection for the Palazzo Scolastico —which used to host the local schools— and the need for a physical presence of the Locarno Film Festival in the city.

该项目位于城区入口处,地理位置优越,面朝广场雷莫罗西,处于Via Rusca入口处。它是维斯肯泰奥城堡附近的一个地标,是洛迦诺一个重要的地标。

The project occupies an important location, at the entrance to the city, facing the Piazza Remo Rossi and at the entrance to Via Rusca. It becomes a landmark next to the Castello Visconteo, with an important presence in the Western skyline of Locarno.

该项目位于Palazzo Scolastico内,保留了Piazza Remo Rossi的全部公共功能,能举行各种大小的活动,如颁奖典礼、摄影、户外活动等。对Piazza Remo Rossi的改善,增加了Palazzo Scolastico新功能。Piazza Remo Rossi地面铺设,似乎与电影节典型的红地毯息息相关。

The project is built with the purpose to lodge the entire program within the volume of the Palazzo Scolastico, consolidating the current footprint and preserving the entirety of the Piazza Remo Rossi for public functions able to host an array of activities, awards ceremonies, screenings, open-air events, etc. The treatment of the Piazza Remo Rossi addresses the new use of the Palazzo Scolastico, referring to the new institutions to be located there. The paving of the Piazza Remo Rossi seeks an association with the red carpet, a customary feature of film festivals.

新建筑的高度已经提高至平面布局允许的最大高度,扩展了Palazzo Scolastico,似乎是从旧容器里“流”出来,充满节日特色:呈带状,x,000面金色旗帜迎风飘扬,其动态效果给出一种电影般画面感。

The volume of the new building has been raised to the maximum height allowed in the planning regulations, extending the Palazzo Scolastico as an abstract volume which “overflows” the old container and displays a texture associated to the Festival’s branding: a facciatta cinetica, composed by x,000 golden flags which sway with the wind, producing dynamic patterns which capitalize on their kinetic effects to address the cinematographic content of the building.

建筑四周风湍流形成的随机图案与节日吉祥物Pardo D’Oro相辉映。facciatta cinetica来自于一位杰出的美国艺术家Ned Kahn,他在全世界安装了类似的屏幕,他非常赞赏这种现成的战略。该建筑是洛迦诺西部的一道亮丽的风景线,闪烁着豹纹似的灯光,与交通信号灯和Piazza Castello交辉夕映。

The organic nature of the random patterns created by wind turbulences around the building resonates with the patterns of the festival mascot: The Pardo D’Oro. The facciatta cinetica refers eagerly to the work of Ned Kahn, the extraordinary American artist who has installed similar screens all over the world, and to whom this work aims to pay homage with a ready-made strategy. The resulting volume presides over Locarno’s Western skyline, twinkling with changing leopard-skin-shaped golden sparks to some of its most relevant views, such as the traffic roundabout and the Piazza Castello.


The existing facade has been otherwise covered in white stucco, in order to optimise its performance as a projection surface. The reveals of the existing windows have been covered with golden plates as if the new institutions parasiting the old shell were overflowing it.

该建筑的紧实度在环境绩效方面卓有成效,提高了不同功能区的相互联系。新设施包含三个影厅,其中的一个大影厅可容纳550人,2个小影厅各设有150个座位。它们位于已有建筑前庭,可看到Palazzo Scolastico绝大部分区域。能做到如此,是因为把大影厅放在了两个小影厅之上,所以能在一层有一个大的前厅,服务所有的影厅,面朝Piazza Remo Rossi主入口。

The compactness of the resulting massing is effective in terms of the environmental performance of the building, enhancing the interrelation between the different parts of the program. The new facility contains three cinema theatres, with a large theatre with a capacity of 550 seats and two smaller rooms of 150 seats each, which have been lodged in the former courtyard of the pre-existing building structure, preserving the the Palazzo Scolastico as much as possible. This has been achieved by stacking the large theatre on top of the small theatres, so that a generous foyer for all the theaters is provided on the ground level, facing the main entrance from Piazza Remo Rossi.

上述Palazzo Scolastico东部和西部弯形区设有新的教育和行政设施,连接新的多功能室和可观览帝堡城的平台,该平台位于加冕礼堂内。这些设施独立于影厅,通过Via Rusca进入,而且设计巧妙灵活。

The new educational and administrative facilities in the building have been lodged in the former  Palazzo Scolastico’s East and West bays, and connected with new multi-purpose rooms and a terrace overlooking the Castello, which are contained within the new coronation volume. These facilities can function independently of the cinema theaters, and are accessed from Via Rusca, and have been designed aiming for the maximum flexibility in its programmatic allocation.

通过重新使用Palazzo Scolastico旧结构,我们想要大幅度削减项目蕴含能量,减少因生产、运输和拆除而产生的二氧化碳排放。通过延长旧结构的寿命,从而降低建筑的环境成本。

By recycling the old structure of the Palazzo Scolastico we have aimed to a substantial reduction in the project’s embodied energy levels, minimizing the carbon emissions associated with the manufacturing, transport and demolition. By extending the old structure’s lifespan we have achieved an important reduction in the building’s environmental costs.