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The Standard, Bangkok Mahanakhon | Narrative Design

Bangkok, Thailand, 2022 – Nestled in the heart of Bangkok’s vibrant Central Business District, The Standard, Bangkok Mahanakhon thoughtfully folds a fresh and dynamic environment into the classical design of the King Power’s iconic, landmark building. For the brand’s flagship property in Asia, The Standard’s award-winning design team, in collaboration with Jaime Hayon, a visionary artist and designer, and Hayon Studios, created a rich and lustrous experience.

【泰国曼谷–2022年】位于曼谷繁华中央商务区的The Standard, Bangkok Mahanakhon酒店,于其所在的地标大厦King Power Mahanakhon的经典设计之中,打造了一种富有活力、令人耳目一新的环境。该酒店是The Standard品牌的亚洲旗舰店,由西班牙艺术家与设计师Jaime Hayon及其工作室Hayon Studios,同The Standard屡获殊荣的内部设计团队合作设计。

The design brief was to create a standout property where attention to detail and love for the city take center stage, with plenty of room for improvisation and artistic exploration. From the moment guests step into The Standard, Bangkok Mahanakhon, they bear witness to the meticulous transformation of the public spaces into subtly impactful venues charged with energy and sophistication. With the Bangkok property, The Standard’s style of celebrated design vernacular stays true to its roots of whimsy and detail, as well as once again evolving to further its language with the cultural vocabulary of the destination.

设计的核心目标是要创造一家杰出的酒店,展现对细节的关注和对所在城市的热爱,并留出足够的空间供今后发挥运用和融入艺术元素。从宾客踏入The Standard, Bangkok Mahanakhon酒店那一刻起,就会发现公共空间被细致入微地塑造成为一块块高雅精致又充满能量的场地。在这家曼谷酒店中,The Standard品牌特色的设计语汇继续得到传承,保留了其一贯闻名的奇思妙想和丝丝入扣的作风,同时也再次将目的地的文化特色融入到设计细节之中。

Located in the midst of a melting pot of cultures that is Bangkok, the property is guided by the original design codes of the city. The creative team takes the cultural and historical references and reinterprets them in a fresh and subtle way to create spaces that look simultaneously lived-in and recognizable yet unexpected. The design also draws from the historical elements of the brand, with a new interpretation of The Standard Grill, the iconic American brasserie located at the New York flagship, The Standard, High Line. Counterintuitively, the resulting pulsing energy has a calming effect on the guests, enveloping them in a warm glow of hospitality.


酒店的设计还借鉴了The Standard品牌的历史,以全新的方式打造其标志性的美式烧烤餐厅The Standard Grill。此系列餐厅的第一间开设在The Standard品牌的纽约旗舰店The Standard, High Line中。与人们通常所认为的相反,如此调动活力的设计居然形成了一种平静身心的效果,令宾客沉浸于一种洋溢着温情体验的酒店氛围之中。

Public spaces at The Standard, Bangkok interact with the city’s music, gastronomy, arts, and community, immersing guests into Bangkok’s vibrant creative scene. This ethos was demonstrated during Bangkok’s Design Week 2022 where the “Shadow Theatre”, a series of imaginative installations created by Jamie Hayon with music curated by The Standard team, invited visitors to experience an immersive experience inspired by Thailand’s traditional shadow puppetry art known as nang talung.

The Standard, Bangkok Mahanakhon酒店的公共空间,引入曼谷的音乐、美食、艺术和社区元素,让宾客深入体验曼谷的生机盎然与创意涌动。这种精神在2022年曼谷设计周期间得到充分展现。当时,Jamie Hayon为这家酒店创作了名为“Shadow Theatre”(影子剧场)的一系列的艺术装置,彰显出奇妙的想象力,The Standard品牌团队为其精心设计了配套音乐,以泰国传统的南德隆皮影戏(nang talung)为灵感,为来访者打造了一种沉浸式的体验。

To the attentive eye, the elements of fine art hidden in plain sight throughout the property are illuminating: a portrait of a couple, caught in an embrace, imbedded in the floor; locally made hanging rattan lamps creating an intricate canopy overhead; beautiful handmade objects at the lobby shop, both from The Standard’s global retail line and fine objects from local artists. The designers took great care to hand-pick arts and curios that work well with locally-sourced furniture, custom-made and antique. Following The Standard’s brief, the sofas, armchairs and settees are bright and stylish, as well as comfortable and inviting.

对拥有敏锐眼光的人而言,酒店“隐藏”在一处处显眼位置的精美艺术细节,往往会令他们眼前一亮,比如嵌入地板中的拥抱彼此的情侣画像,本地藤编吊灯交织而成的华盖,大堂精品店中陈列的The Standard品牌商品和本地精美手工艺品,等等。设计师们还不遗余力地精选各种艺术品和古玩珍品,搭配本地采购的定制家具和古董家具。按照The Standard品牌的要求,沙发、扶手椅、靠背长椅等家具,都选择了色彩明快、风格时尚、坐感舒适的款式,为整个酒店环境增加了更多迷人元素。

The arrival experience appeals to all senses. While the eye is drawn to the gallery-like check-in area with its shelves of whimsical objects made by local artisans and a window installation inspired by “The Box” at the brand’s first property in Hollywood, the ear catches snippets of lively conversations flowing out of the dining areas. Throughout the property, a carefully curated soundtrack sets the mood, with music programming focusing on spotlighting local artists. An oversized DJ booth in the lobby, with its organic, cuddly shape, serves as a stage for the local talent to shine.

酒店还营造了一种吸引所有感官的抵达体验。犹如画廊一般的前台区域布置了搁架,展示本地手工艺人制作的妙趣横生的物件。此外还有一个形如窗户的艺术装置,其灵感来自于The Standard品牌好莱坞第一家酒店中的“The Box”。它们牢牢吸引着宾客的目光。用餐区里觥筹交错,欢快交谈的声音流淌而出,如灵动的音符一般撩拨着宾客的听觉神经。酒店内的一个个角落还会播放专门精心汇集的背景音乐,且注重为本地艺术家构建展示才华的契机。大堂里有一个大型DJ打碟台,拥有令人喜爱的形状,是本地音乐人绽放光芒的舞台。

In the guest rooms, comfort and functionality are a driving principle, as well as being the brand’s core philosophy. Thanks to the neutral color palette and warm lighting that works intuitively, the rooms are streamlined, functional and beautiful, without being overwhelming. The simplicity doesn’t take away from the magic, however. In each room, a softy-lit bar area forms a focal point where conversations flow over hand-shaken cocktails and plans for the evening are hatched. A departure from the utilitarian mini bar designs.

客房的设计,以兼顾舒适性与功能性为主要原则,这也是The Standard品牌的核心设计理念。中性的色调,搭配温馨灵动的照明,令空间流畅,功能齐全,观感优美,没有元素堆叠造成的压迫感。简约,但绝不失魅力。每间客房中都有一个光线柔和的吧台区域,宾客可以一边在这里调制鸡尾酒,一边讨论入夜后如何消磨时光。相比纯粹功能性的迷你吧而言,这样的设计无疑成为了房间中一抹亮眼的焦点。


Appreciating Thailand’s natural landscapes, the property is dotted with numerous pockets of greenery, such as the tropical oasis in the lobby, contrasting with the concrete jungle outside, or the canopied terrace of Mott 32 Bangkok, one of the signature restaurants. A similar indoor-outdoor approach can be seen in the all-day dining area, where a dynamic combination of colors makes one feel at home and at one with nature. In the lobby, a display of flowers by the artist Mark Queen feels both like art and sensory play.

酒店中还布置了许多绿化,以此向泰国的自然景观致敬。大堂中有一方热带绿洲,与外面的水泥森林形成饶有趣味的对比。特色餐厅之一Mott 32 Bangkok则有一个有顶棚的露台。类似的室内外连通衔接的设计,在全日制餐厅也得到应用,对丰富色彩的巧妙运用,令人在用餐时感觉自己与自然合而为一,倍感轻松舒适。大堂中还展示着艺术家Mark Queen设计的花艺装饰,如同一份愉悦感官的艺术佳作。

Throughout the property, these calming natural elements are juxtaposed with unexpected details that stop you in your tracks.  This constantly shifting nature of The Standard Bangkok’s design narrative is epitomized by Tease, a graphic, black-and-white teahouse. With a décor reminiscent of 1920’s Vienna and inspired by Joseph Hoffmann, an Austrian architect and designer active in the beginning of the 1900’s, the visually stimulating space is a study in monochrome symmetry.

整个酒店内还有许多这样令人身心感觉分外平静的自然元素,与一处处出人意料的设计细节参差交错,让人情不自禁地一次次停下脚步。The Standard, Bangkok Mahanakhon酒店的设计,在黑白相间的茶室Tease演绎出了新的变奏。其内部装饰令人联想起1920年代的维也纳,灵感来自活跃于1900年代的奥地利建筑师与设计师Joseph Hoffmann。单色对称设计的尝试,构成了一个刺激视觉的空间。

To give The Standard, Bangkok its primary function — serving the needs of the guests — the designers succeed in making the formidable skyscraper of King Power Mahanakhon feel like a home with a carefully choreographed composition of light, space and art, losing the building’s inherent rigidity through mood-setting art, residential colors and sensory stimulation.

为了给The Standard, Bangkok Mahanakhon酒店的宾客提供满足他们需求的服务,设计师们煞费苦心,在挺拔高耸的King Power Mahanakhon大厦中,运用光线、空间和艺术,打造出一个令人感觉宾至如归的地方,巧妙使用能够影响情绪的艺术品、借鉴自住宅的色彩和怡人的感官体验,中和了摩天大楼的冰冷刚硬之感。

The Standard, Bangkok Mahanakhon’s pre-opening offer – 25% off Best Available Rate, including breakfast for two persons — is available for bookings made until August 31, 2022, for stays until February 28, 2023. The offer applies to bookings made directly on only.

The Standard, Bangkok Mahanakhon酒店目前推出了预开业优惠,在最优公开房价基础上提供25%的折扣,且赠送双人早餐。此优惠可在2022年8月31日前预订,2023年2月28日前入住。如需享受此优惠,须访问如下链接直接预订:



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About The Standard, Bangkok Mahanakhon:

Bangkok’s spirit of innovation and unconventionality made the Thai capital the perfect locale for our Asia flagship, The Standard, Bangkok Mahanakhon. Located in one of the most iconic buildings in the city, the 155-room hotel is already a landmark. With rooms ranging from 40 sqm to a sprawling 144 sqm penthouse, a terrace pool, fitness center and spa, meetings rooms and a dynamic variety of food, drink and nightlife venues, The Standard, Bangkok Mahanakhon is a fit for any traveler, at any time of day or night. There’s the Parlor, the hub of the hotel for check-in and out, cocktails, work or lounging, the eclectic and unexpected Tea Room, American steakhouse classics at The Standard Grill, and award-winning Chinese cuisine, sparkling ambiance and impeccable wine list by Mott 32, and two remarkable sky-high dining experience from Ojo a Mexican-inspired restaurant directed by one of the finest chefs in Mexico to Sky Beach the highest alfresco rooftop bar in Bangkok.


About Standard International:

Standard International is the parent company of The Standard hotels. Created in 1999, The Standard hotels are known for their pioneering design, taste-making clientele, and unrelenting un-standard-ness. Launched originally in Hollywood, The Standard has now opened properties in marquee locations across the globe including in New York, Miami, London, the Maldives, and Hua Hin with The Standard, Ibiza and the brand’s Asia flagship, The Standard, Bangkok Mahanakhon both opening this year. Standard hotels in Lisbon, Milan, Melbourne, Singapore, Dublin and Brussels are under development. The goal of every Standard project—be it a city hotel, a seaside resort, or a rooftop bar—is to defy convention, up the aesthetic stakes, and deliver an experience that only The Standard can. The Standard’s unconventional and playful sensibility combined with careful consideration of design and service details, have established its reputation as a pioneer in hospitality, travel, dining, and nightlife. Standard International also owns a majority stake the Bunkhouse Group and The Peri hotels. @thestandard



关于The Standard, Bangkok Mahanakhon酒店:

泰国首都曼谷突破传统的创新精神,使之成为The Standard品牌亚洲旗舰酒店The Standard, Bangkok Mahanakhon酒店的理想选址地。该酒店坐落于城中一座标志性建筑之中,提供155间客房,早已成为当地的地标之一。The Standard, Bangkok Mahanakhon酒店的客房面积从40平方米起,最大的顶层套房面积达到144平方米,此外还配套露台泳池、健身中心、水疗中心、会议室和一系列富有活力的餐饮与夜生活场地。无论白天,还是夜晚,也无论旅行者因何造访曼谷,The Standard, Bangkok Mahanakhon酒店都是理想的选择。The Parlor是酒店的活力中心。客人可以在这里办理入住登记和退房手续,品尝鸡尾酒,高效工作或休闲放松,或者前往茶室品茶及享用美味,到The Standard Grill烧烤餐厅大快朵颐经典美式牛排,或者去Mott 32餐厅品尝屡获殊荣的中华美食与迷人佳酿。由首屈一指的墨西哥大厨指导的Ojo餐厅位于酒店顶层,带来无与伦比的美食体验。同样位于顶层的Sky Beach酒吧,是曼谷目前位置最高的屋顶酒吧。

关于The Standard国际集团:

The Standard国际集团(Standard International)是The Standard酒店品牌的母公司。The Standard酒店品牌创办于1999年,因其卓越先锋设计和不遗余力突破标准的精神,吸引了大批品位非凡的宾客。The Standard品牌诞生于好莱坞,如今在全球诸多重要目的地开设了酒店,包括纽约、迈阿密、伦敦、马尔代夫,另有华欣伊比沙岛和泰国曼谷的旗舰酒店将于今年年内开业。此外,The Standard在里斯本、米兰、墨尔本、新加坡、都柏林和布鲁塞尔均有酒店项目正在开发之中。The Standard旗下的每个项目,不论是城市酒店、海滨度假村或屋顶酒吧,均着眼于突破传统,提升美学品味,打造一种只在The Standard才能享受的体验。The Standard品牌突破传统、趣味横生,结合了细致入微的设计和周到贴心的服务,因而树立起了酒店、旅游、夜生活娱乐等行业前沿先锋品牌的优良声誉。The Standard国际集团还是Bunkhouse集团和The Peri酒店公司的大股东之一。 @thestandard