以可见之形追寻更广阔的精神意涵, 亚洲第二届“设计迈阿密(Design Miami/ Podium x Shanghai)”艺燃上海


[Shanghai, March 8, 2023] Today, Design Miami/ Podium x Shanghai opened its doors in ZHANGYUAN, a historic Shikumen compound in Shanghai. ZHANGYUAN, as an exclusive real estate partner, will join forces with Design Miami/ to create a diverse cultural and artistic experience, allowing contemporary design and representative Shanghai-style cultural buildings to have a dialogue through time and space. The fair, a Made in House production and open until Sunday 12 March, presents a carefully curated array of collectible design, and offers a meaningful exploration of the exchange between design and Shanghai culture.

【上海,2023年3月8日】今天,备受全球追捧的收藏级艺术与设计展会、巴塞尔艺术展姊妹展——Design Miami/ Podium x Shanghai, A Made in House production(以下或简称为“设计迈阿密”)于上海历史悠久的地标性石库门建筑空间——张园开幕。张园,作为独家地产合作伙伴将与Design Miami/ 强强联合,持续打造多元的文化艺术体验,让当代艺术设计与代表性海派文化建筑展开穿越时间与空间的对话。展会将持续至3月12日,借由艺术带领观者探索上海的历史与建筑之美,见证中外艺术与海派风韵的交流共振。


Design Miami/ Podium x Shanghai 携手独家地产合作伙伴张园,于38-12日开展

Design Miami/ Podium x Shanghai join forces with ZHANGYUAN, 8-12 March

(P.C. Design Miami/Podium x Shanghai, A Made in House ProductionPhotographer: 21 STUDIO)


This year’s Design Miami/ Podium x Shanghai is curated by Dr. Xue Tianchong, Director of Curating Design & Narrative Environments at the School of Design, Central Academy of Fine Arts, alongside Made in House. Through the theme of “Transcendence,” Design Miami/ Podium x Shanghai explores ways in which extraordinary design represents more than meets the eye; that through contemplation and interaction, design has the ability to transport us beyond material forms to an expanded place of unlimited potential.

今年的“设计迈阿密”由中央美术学院设计学院设计策展与空间叙事方向召集人薛天宠与主办方垠舍制造(Made in House)联合策展,通过主题“象外 / Transcendence”,Design Miami/ Podium x Shanghai将审视那些非凡设计超越目之所见的深层意涵。设计促使我们默观沉思并与之联结交互,将我们从物质形态引向至一个拥有无限潜力的扩展之地。


This year’s edition gathers more than 20 well-known galleries and designers to present nearly 200 works. Each piece engages with the curatorial concept from a unique approach – be it through a considered look at the past; engaging with the present day; or thoughtfully looking to the future. This year’s fair presentation captures the diverse perspectives that contribute to the global design field.

展会携手20余家国内外知名画廊及机构,带来近200件作品。每件作品都蕴藏艺术家们对主题“象外 / Transcendence”的哲思理解,并以独特的方式融入策展理念——无论是对过去的审慎思考与对当今世界的互动,亦或是深思熟虑地展望未来。今年的Design Miami/ Podium x Shanghai汇聚多元观点,为全球设计领域做出极为杰出的贡献。


Gallery Program

The Gallery Program presents 6 leading collectible design galleries, including: Gallery Sohe (Shanghai, Hangzhou), Objective Gallery (Shanghai, New York), 20c Gallery (Beijing), Pearl Lam Galleries (Hong Kong, Shanghai), DUMONTEIL (Shanghai, Paris), Gallery All (Shanghai, Los Angeles).


展会汇聚6家海内外收藏级设计画廊,包括:Gallery Sohe(上海、杭州)、Objective Gallery(上海、纽约)、20C GALLERY(北京)、Pearl Lam Galleries藝術門(香港、上海)、DUMONTEIL(上海、巴黎)、Gallery All(上海、洛杉矶)。


Gallery Sohe

Gallery Sohe is dedicated to creating a furniture-based design gallery in China. As the second time participating in Design Miami/Podium X Shanghai, Gallery Sohe will present works by Leo Orta, Han Dong, Louis Durot, Zhou Yilun at the booth. The exhibition at this year’s fair is an extension of the gallery’s spatial curatorial concept, fusing art from different civilizations, regions and times. It focuses on constructing a space for reading “objects” within a symphony of opposition and unity, to present a methodology of “object” making.

本届展会参展艺廊之一的 Gallery Sohe,致力于创立中国的家具型艺廊。作为第二次参加 Design Miami/ Podium X Shanghai 的艺廊,Gallery Sohe将在展会现场呈现来自Leo Orta、韩冬、Louis Durot、周轶伦等艺术家的作品。Gallery Sohe此次参展将延续空间的策展理念,即糅合不同文明属性、不同地域时间内的艺术,在对立统一之交响中,构建一个关于“物”的阅读空间,呈现造“物”的方法论。


Gallery Sohe展区

(P.C. Design Miami/Podium x Shanghai, A Made in House ProductionPhotographer: 21 STUDIO)


Objective Gallery

Objective Gallery pays considered attention to the concept, narrative, and connection between work and space. For this year’s edition of booth, Objective Gallery presents inspiring works by international artists and designers.Half of the works are Designed and made in China. Objective Gallery will continue to deliver unique Collectible Designs and stage.

Objective Gallery一直以来关注作品的概念、叙事性以及作品与空间之间的联系,这次展会将延续艺廊传统,展出具有启发性的、来自世界各地的艺术家和设计师们性格各异的作品,其中半数作品是Designed and made in China。Objective Gallery将持续向世界舞台输送独一无二的中国收藏级设计制造。


Objective Gallery展区
(P.C. Design Miami/Podium x Shanghai, A Made in House ProductionPhotographer: 21 STUDIO)



20C Gallery was first established in Beijing in 2015 and launched in Shanghai in 2021. For this edition of Design Miami/ Podium x Shanghai, the gallery brings works by artists Zhaoxin Xue, NaiHan Li, Tianyi Shi, Yuzu, Xingyu Chen and Zhongyu Zhang. French artists Elissa Lacoste, Wendy Andreu, and Thomas Ballouhey. The gallery will also feature Carpet works from artists Kengo Kuma, Katsuhaiko Hibino and Stefan Sagmeister who are involved in the project “80×80”. Cao Feng, the founder of 20C Gallery, hopes that the gallery will be a platform to promote the exchange of Art and Design between China and abroad.

本届展会参展艺廊之一 20C Gallery 二十世纪画廊最早于2015年成立于北京,2021年登陆上海。艺廊此次携艺术家薛照新、李鼐含、时天⼀、朱⽟,陈星宇,张忠宇,法国艺术家 Elissa Lacoste、Wendy Andreu、Thomas Ballouhey,以及“毯言织造80×80”合作项目中日本艺术家隈研吾、日比野克彦,Stefan Sagmeister等地毯作品的作品参加此次展会,创始人曹峰希望20C GALLERY可以真正发挥平台的力量,推动国内外设计艺术交流。


20C Gallery展区

(P.C. Design Miami/Podium x Shanghai, A Made in House ProductionPhotographer: 21 STUDIO)


Pearl Lam Galleries

Pearl Lam Galleries presents works by Philip Colbert, A.A. MURAKAMI, André Dubreuil, Mr Doodle, XYZ Design, Xue Tao, and Danful Yang. Integrating narrative with design, Pearl Lam Galleries explores the relationship between design and art. Amongst this year’s presentation, designer Danful Yang reflects on consumerism through her iconic works combining traditional Chinese handicrafts with modern Western materials and concepts.

Pearl Lam Galleries藝術門将叙事融入设计生活,呈现菲利普·考尔伯特(Philip Colbert)、A.A. MURAKAMI、安德烈·杜布勒伊(André Dubreuil)、Mr Doodle、甲乙丙设计、薛滔、杨丹凤的作品,探讨设计与艺术如何在若即若离的关系里交流、碰撞、融和,并塑造出当今多元化的社会图景。其中,杨丹凤携其标志性的作品亮相本届“设计迈阿密”,将中国传统手工艺与西方现代的材料和理念结合,展现作者对消费主义的思考。

Pearl Lam Galleries藝術門展区

(P.C. Design Miami/Podium x Shanghai, A Made in House ProductionPhotographer: 21 STUDIO)



DUMONTEIL’s booth will present a solo exhibition of the sculptural artist Jean-Marie Fiori. His sculptures focus on their functionality while injecting unique aesthetics and humor into the works made from bronze, mirror, wool, velvet, and other materials. DUMONTEIL will use the theme of “home” to present the art pieces so that viewers can interact freely with the space.The selection includes some of the artist’s most representative functional sculptures in patinated bronze and lacquered bronze, as well as the artist’s latest series of hand-crafted rugs.

DUMONTEIL/杜梦堂此次展位将围绕尚-马理·费欧理 (Jean-Marie Fiori) 的功能性雕塑重点展开,通过将独特的审美、幽默和童趣注入青铜、羊毛、大理石以及木材等优雅材质,给人带来无限欣喜。在展陈方面,杜梦堂将以藏「家」为主要呈现方式,使观者能够真正走近这些设计和艺术品、融入由它们所共同构筑的交互空间。此次展出的作品包含了艺术家最具代表性的功能性雕塑作品,涉及锈色铜雕、烤漆铜雕,以及艺术家最新的手工织毯系列。



(P.C. Design Miami/Podium x Shanghai, A Made in House ProductionPhotographer: 21 STUDIO)


Gallery All

Launched in Los Angeles, Gallery All has earned international acclaim for its ever-evolving program of exhibitions presenting its distinguished contemporary design and art collection. Classic, avant-garde, historical, and experimental — Gallery All continues to present the most illustrious collections of works to a global audience, while leading Asia’s rapidly-escalating art and design market.

创立于洛杉矶的综合性画廊Gallery All以独树一帜的风格呈现具有经典、前卫、历史性、实验性特质的作品,在向Design Miami/ 观众展示杰出作品的同时,也引领了亚洲快速发展的艺术和设计市场的发展方向。本次带来艺术家周磊杰“形变”系列作品(Transformation),艺术家通过一系列数字转译经典创作语言的方式,对经典进行再定义,由此演变出不可预知、具有生物体征的有机形态,投射艺术家对世界的个人感知方式。

Gallery All展区

(P.C. Design Miami/Podium x Shanghai, A Made in House ProductionPhotographer: 21 STUDIO)


Podium Highlights/

This year’s Podium exhibition showcases incredible design from around the world while highlighting local Chinese talent and exploring the unique materials, craftsmanship, narrative and history behind each work.


Podium exhibitor Shao Fan, said: “Our hope for this year’s theme is that viewers can explore the meaningful concepts behind each work. The viewer’s relationship with the objects is the starting point for a contemplative meditation that uncovers the depth and breadth of meaning underlying each piece”.







Side Gallery

Side Gallery is committed to tradition and innovation – focusing on collecting and promoting modern and contemporary design, and exploring cross-cultural issues through different initiatives and collaborations. For this year’s Design Miami/ Podium x Shanghai, Side Gallery has invited international designers, architects, and contemporary artists to rethink the possibility of design and handicraft tradition, with the hope of proposing a dialogue between the 20th and 21st centuries, developing unique and powerful limited edition works of design.

Side Gallery致力于传统和创新,专注收集与推广现代及当代设计,并通过不同的倡议与合作探索跨文化议题。在今年的Design Miami/ Podium x Shanghai,Side Gallery力邀国际设计师、建筑师及当代艺术家重新思考设计与手工艺传统的可能性,希望提出20世纪和21世纪之间的对话,开发具有独特而强大的限量版设计作品。


Side Gallery展区

(P.C. Design Miami/Podium x Shanghai, A Made in House ProductionPhotographer: 21 STUDIO)


Tom Dixon

British design brand Tom Dixon will also present at this year’s Design Miami/ Podium x Shanghai. The brand uses “circular design” and ultra-high durability materials in a pioneering way, enriching people’s daily life with modern design, and at the same time creating environmentally friendly designs. Presenting at this year’s fair, The Hydro Chair is made of recyclable 100% aluminum, demonstrating Tom Dixon’s bold application of materials. “The Hydro Chair’s shapes are defined by the potential of the material, and the necessities of the method of production. The chair has very soft curves and rounded edges, which I think is a reflection of my new softer current mood.”

英国设计品牌Tom Dixon也将出席今年的Design Miami/ Podium x Shanghai,品牌以开创性的方式使用“循环设计”与超高耐久性的材质,以现代化设计丰富人们的日常生活,同时进行环境友好型设计创作的尝试。本次参展的Hydro Chair由可循环利用的100%铝制成,展示了Tom Dixon对材料的大胆应用。“Hydro Chair的形状是由材料的潜力和可能性定义的。这是一把曲线非常柔和、边缘圆润的椅子,也反映了我现在更柔和的心情。” 创始人兼同名创意总监Tom Dixon表示。


Tom Dixon展区

(P.C. Design Miami/Podium x Shanghai, A Made in House ProductionPhotographer: 21 STUDIO)


Huang Bo

Huang Bo, an actor and director, has been exploring art in various dimensions, merging his sculpture, art, design, and installation works with his observation and perception on life. His work titled ‘They’, features crystalised, transparent and lightweight lace, navigating the dialogue between independence and breakthrough, and inheritance and iteration.





Actor, Director and Artist Huang Bo, <They>

(P.C. Design Miami/Podium x Shanghai, A Made in House ProductionPhotographer: 21 STUDIO)


Design at Large项目/

The Design at Large project showcases a range of historical and contemporary works, including installations full of conceptual and industrial ambitions.

Design at Large 项目展示了一系列历史与当代的设计佳作,作品是充满了艺术家的独特概念巧思及工业创新野心的设计装置。


Gaetano Pesce Studio

In this year’s fair, Gaetano Pesce Studio explores the theme of ‘Diversity Creates a Better World’ with a collection of product designs and art installations. The founder of the studio, legendary Italian artist Gaetano Pesce said, “I regard this year’s Design Miami/ Podium x Shanghai as a continuation of the previous fair. Last edition, I explored the theme of ‘Nobody’s Perfect’, which is also the title of the central piece in this year’s edition. We are also presenting a special edition of the chair titled ‘Diversity is Beautiful’ –  concept inspired by a collection of different portraits.”

加埃塔诺·佩谢工作室(Gaetano Pesce Studio)在本单元展出以“多元化创造更美好的世界”为主题的产品设计和装置艺术,探索“多元化创造美好世界”的主题。工作室创始人、意大利传奇艺术家加埃塔诺·佩谢(Gaetano Pesce Studio)说,“我把今年的 Design Miami/ Podium X Shanghai 看作是之前在中国展览的延续。去年在中国巡展的主题是’Nobody’s Perfect’,此次主要展品也是’Nobody’s Perfect Chair’之‘多元化’(Diversity is beautiful)特别版,带来以不同⼈像为创作基础的椅⼦——我将椅⼦变成了这些⼈的画像。”


加埃塔诺·佩谢工作室(Gaetano Pesce Studio)展区

(P.C. Design Miami/Podium x Shanghai, A Made in House ProductionPhotographer: 21 STUDIO)


Joseph Walsh Studio

Joseph Walsh Studio, returns to Design Miami/ x Podium Shanghai with a continued unique expression of materials and forms including Dommus Suite, and Enignum Free Form Seat & Side Table. The Magnus dining table is displayed on a single-point cantilever, presenting the years of research and development behind Joseph Walsh Studio.

而作为第二次参展的Joseph Walsh Studio,则延续了其对于材料与形态的独特表达,展品包括Dommus Suite、Enignum Free Form Seat & Side Table等。其中,重要作品Magnus 餐桌被安装在单点悬臂上,展示了Joseph Walsh Studio多年的研究和开发。


Joseph Walsh Studio展区

(P.C. Design Miami/Podium x Shanghai, A Made in House ProductionPhotographer: 21 STUDIO)


Design Talks Theater/

Design Talks are an integral part of Design Miami/ Podium x Shanghai, featuring dialogues with outstanding figures in the field of design. This year’s Design Miami/ Podium x Shanghai invites thought leaders and authoritative figures to conduct in-depth discussions from multiple dimensions and perspectives. Speakers include curator Xue Tianchong; artist and designer Joseph Walsh; actor, director and artist Huang Bo; multi-disciplinary artist Oscar Wang; managing director of Sotheby’s China, Qian Jin; designers Chen Min; Yuan Youmin – Professor of China Academy of Art, amongst others. The discussions will cover the future of collectible design; the integration of traditional and contemporary aesthetics of “East meets West”; the charm of cultural heritage craftsmanship; and the construction of a sustainable future.


Coinciding with International Women’s Day, the opening day talks programme spotlights women designers and artists. The forum, “From Sense to Space”, is centered around discussions of art, design, and our shared human responses.


In addition, as a special presentation partner of the Design Forum, Macallan and Design Miami/ Podium X Shanghai jointly presented the “Macallan Screen Chasing Shadows Art Experience Exhibition”, showcasing the first brand biographical short film <The Spirit of 1926> and its indissoluble bond with film.



设计论坛是Design Miami/ Podium X Shanghai的重要组成部分,特邀设计领域的杰出代表人物进行交流对话。今年的Design Miami/ Podium X Shanghai邀请各领域的思想领袖和权威人士共聚张园,从多个维度进行深入讨论。演讲者包括策展人薛天宠、艺术家和设计师Joseph Walsh、集演员、导演、艺术家三重身份于一身的黄渤、跨界艺术家王令尘(Oscar Wang)、苏富比中国区董事总经理钱进、工业设计师陈旻、中国国际设计博物馆执行馆长袁由敏教授等。一同探讨收藏品设计的未来、「东西」融合传统与当代美学、文化遗产的工艺魅力、构建可持续的未来等可持续议题。


值得一提的是,开幕首日恰逢 “三八”国际妇女节,借此契机,Design Miami聚焦女性设计师和艺术家、开展题为“她们的精神广厦”的论坛,与观众一同探讨艺术背后传递的理性与情感。




Additional Highlights/

Online fashion platform FARFETCH has collaborated with Archive Editions, an art platform founded by Daniel Arsham, to present a limited-edition series Dōngxī Teapots. The collection is created in collaboration between Arsham and multi-disciplinary artist Oscar Wang, and presents a cross-cultural examination of East meets West.


在线时尚平台FARFETCH与Daniel Arsham创立的艺术平台Archive Editions合作推出了限量版系列Dōngxī 茶壶。该系列由Daniel Arsham和跨界艺术家王令尘(Oscar Wang)合作创作,旨在探索东西方跨文化合作的新图景。


FARFETCH x Archive Editions


(P.C. Design Miami/Podium x Shanghai, A Made in House ProductionPhotographer: 21 STUDIO)


Louis Vuitton Objets Nomades travel home space

Louis Vuitton presents its travel-inspired furniture collection, Objets Nomades, inspiring visitors to explore new territories and ideas of travel. The Objets Nomades collection upholds Louis Vuitton’s long tradition of beautifully crafted objects. Since its launch in 2012, some of the world’s most renowned designers have created stunning designs for Louis Vuitton’s Objets Nomades.

路易威登Objets Nomades旅行家居空间

路易威登(Louis Vuitton)推出了以旅行为灵感的家具系列Objets Nomades,激励游客探索新的领域和旅行理念。Objets Nomades系列秉承了路易威登制作精美物品的悠久传统。自2012年推出以来,一些世界上最著名的设计师为路易威登的Objets Nomades设计了令人惊叹的设计。




欲需了解更多关于Design Miami/ Podium x Shanghai的信息,并获取更多现场内容敬请访问微信官方公众号:Design Miami


To learn more about Design Miami/ Podium x Shanghai and receive updates on the upcoming exhibition this March 8-12,2023, please visit WeChat Official Account: Design Miami.





Schedule of Events/



预览日/ 仅限邀请

Preview Day/ By Invitation Only



Wednesday, March 8/

首日贵宾和媒体预览/ 1-7:30PM

VIP and Press Preview/ 1-7:30PM




Thursday-Friday, March 9-10/

贵宾开放日/ 11AM-7:30PM

VIP Preview/ 11AM-7:30PM




Public Show Days/

星期六-星期日,3月11日-12日/ 11AM-7PM

Saturday-Sunday, March 11-12/11AM-7PM




更多信息, 请访问/


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关于Design Miami/ 展会

About Design Miami/


Design Miami/通过非凡藏品级设计连接世界,其数字交易平台designmiami.com及横跨三大洲的线下交易展览活动为画廊、设计师工作室、品牌、业内行家、收藏家、设计爱好者们提供理想的交流平台。每届Design Miami/均展出由世界顶级专家画廊甄选的20世纪及21世纪馆藏级家具、照明灯具和艺术品,每年旗舰展于12月在美国迈阿密、6月在瑞士巴塞尔和巴塞尔艺术展同频展出。通过designmiami.com可全年365天访问Design Miami/,网站涵盖Design Miami/专家画廊可购作品、虚拟节目、及极具故事性的论坛杂志 (Forum Magazine) 。

Design Miami/ connects the world through extraordinary collectible design, with live fairs and experiences on three continents that bring together galleries, designers’ studios, brands, experts, collectors, and enthusiasts, and designmiami.com, a content-rich digital marketplace. Each edition of Design Miami/ features museum quality 20th and 21st century furniture, lighting, and objects d’art from the world’stop, expertly vetted galleries with flagship fairs taking place alongside Art Basel in Miami, Florida, each December and Basel, Switzerland, each June. Design Miami/ is also accessible 365-days a year through designmiami.com, featuring stoppable works from Design Miami’s expert galleries, as well as virtual programming, and engaging storytelling at the Forum Magazine.




关于垠舍制造Made In House

About Made in House


垠舍制造 Made in House(MIH)是新一代创意策划和专业艺术顾问公司,办公室位于中国上海。MIH团队深耕于设计、艺术和品牌领域,打造兼具艺术文化、创意美学和商业价值的内容。MIH致力于创造富有未来想象力,促进文化交流,提升公众审美力的项目,同时为客户创造长效的价值影响力。MIH也是国际艺术设计博览会Design Miami/ 的中国主办方。


Made in House (MIH) is a creative consultancy and art advisory headquartered in Shanghai, China, with a focus in the commercial and hotel real estate sector. MIH was established by a team of specialists in design, art and branding. MIH creates impact and longevity for projects seeking to define their place in China’s real estate landscape. By helping companies build-out their art programs with a tailored voice, MIH strives to create both impact and relevance for the contemporary Chinese audience. MIH is the host of Design Miami/ in China, a world-renowed art and design exhibition.












ZHANGYUAN is located in the prime area of Nanjing Road West, at the center of Shanghai. With an expected gross floor area (above ground) of approximately 60,000 sqm, the project will create a world-class cultural innovation venue, high-end office spaces, unique residential apartments, a boutique hotel, and a wide variety of exciting retail and dining options.  The underground area of more than 70,000 sqm will connect to three Metro lines (2, 12, and 13) at Nanjing Road West station and enjoy seamless access to nearby communities.


The project is developed in two phases. ZHANGYUAN West Zone is now open to the public as the first phase which was launched on 27 November 2022, the aboveground construction area is about 20,000 sqm, accounting for 35% of the entire aboveground volume. It is cooperated with three luxury groups and bring different business scenarios, known for the mixed experience concepts, exquisite dining, immersive brand exhibitions and events, and contemporary art activities.


ZHANGYUAN East Zone will open to the public by the end of 2026.