The emptiness of philosophy is not because of its inability to create life, but itself is a deep ocean, a seemingly nothingness but also the real value of construction, which can be touched, listened to and interpreted. – “New Analects”



Located at the foot of Luobi Mountain, hidden in the resort manor, Sanya Vanke villa model room integrates the Eastern poetic elegance with Western innovative technology, , outlines the heart of the extravagant context and ideal life by the essence of four seasons. Home, is no longer a simple habitat, but the eternal Utopia who praises life and worships nature.


When people jump out from the ordinary track, their understanding of the nature of life will become thick and broad. “In the gentle breeze and soft moon light, only in the mountains and rivers”, emperor Qianlong of Qing Dynasty, enjoyed the royal glory, but aspired to be free and comfortable with nature. Through individualized materials, the space is in the uniform gray and white background. In the exquisite and elegant holiday, the organic combination of different colors and textures show the harmonious coexistence between natural vitality and human wisdom. The comfort of nature and indoor infiltration calms down the restless fatigue and worries.


The space layout re-designed by the designer makes each functional space in the best lighting, ventilating and viewing effect.


The high-rise skylight design, chic courtyard landscape, open pattern make the mutually independent landscape in symbiotic blending of interest, forming interesting opposite scenery in the space.


The unique art painting glass wall coupled with the avant-garde modern chandeliers in the hallway penetrates the steady beauty of rationality into details, showing years’ accumulation of wisdom and elegance.


The living room carpet and sofa are in light white tone, such as the rising sun, creating a clear and tranquil atmosphere in the room. The reconstruction of the abstract art painting of the background wall reproduces the far-reaching artistic conception of the traditional ink painting and creates a synergistic and heart-warming artistic effect with the elegant and natural furniture. Slender and graceful green plants show the charm of upward growth, pebbles on the carpet makes the pleasant sound. Butterflies dance in the casting in sunshine. The space extends from the rhythm of life and extends in all directions, awaking people’s deeper feelings and understanding. Four bright orange decoration artworks highlight the oriental etiquette style in the ordered placement. The embedded glass and paper screen are soft and uniform under the lighting, adding a comfortable and peaceful space atmosphere.


Entering the kitchen area by getting through the screen, the dark wood color kitchen is more like a art gallery that reaching the distinctive art orientation in a low-key silence. Both the artworks on the display case or the giant landscape painting made by artistic glass increase the thickness of the space. The chandelier rose slowly from the bottom up, improving the visual experience in vertical direction. The wall is in leaf-like dancing artistic device, laying out the flying charm,


The distance mountain view and nearby courtyard embrace the master bedroom in nature. The balanced and symmetrical wooden screen, dignified bedding, exquisite case reveals the generous gift of nature with a solemn gift of humanity. Dynamic and fashion metal straw hat lamp and streamlined shape of the coffee table make a re-interpretation of the nature of the material to interpret and recreate nature through the contrast and conversion.


With the least interference of utensils, the bathroom achieves the maximum bearing of the beauty of nature. In the blurred light and shadow, the mirror includes the landscape scenery into the room, creating a quiet and leisurely holiday experience.


This spiritual home creates an eternal tranquility and elegance by integrating peaceful, natural, joyful, free-flowing oriental artistic conception and fashion-forward design trends.


项目面积: 745㎡








Project Name: Sanya Vanke Villa Show Room

Project area: 745㎡

Project Location: Sanya, Hainan

Design Time: 2017

Completion time: 2018

Construction Unit: Hainan Luobidong Industrial Co., Ltd.

Design Company: BLVD International

Designer: Honglei Liu

Participant Designer: Yunfei Long, Menghan Xia, Yisheng Xing