Kooo Architects|LIGHT MARK 苏州店


我们担任了中国珠宝品牌“LIGHT MARK”的店铺设计。

We designed the shop for the Chinese jewelry brand “LIGHT MARK”.

LIGHT MARK品牌成立时间不长,而且产品阵容不仅有婚礼饰品,还有休闲系列。因此,我们试着从橱窗购物的角度入手,试着创造一个能够从外部吸引顾客的眼球,从而进入店内查看的设计。

LIGHT MARK is a comparatively new brand, their product SKU includes not only wedding jewelry but also casual series. Therefore, we tried to start from the perspective of window shopping, create a design that would draw the customer’s eyes from the outside, then fascinate them to look inside the store.


Generally, for a clothing store or shoe store, customers are more or less able to see the design of the products from outside the store. However, when it comes to the size of the jewelry, customers can barely intuitively feel the design of the products from the outside. On the other hand, traditional jewelry stores with gorgeous decorations present their products in glass cases, with staff on the other side. Such a presentation method works for customers who have a clear intention to buy comparatively high-end jewelry. However, customers who merely want to look around or causally view the jewelry design might feel like being turned away.

我们注意到,传统珠宝店是通过一个个玻璃柜来展示里面的珠宝, 平放在展柜中的珠宝需要客人走近去查看它才知道确切的设计。所以我们想到,是否有可能以尽可能以高透明度的状态垂直展示珠宝来解决这个问题,并尝试了从这个视点出发进行设计。

We noticed that in traditional jewelry stores, the jewelry is displayed through glass cabinets, and customers need to approach the glass cabinets to know the exact design of the jewelry. Therefore, we were thinking, is it possible to display the jewelry vertically in a highly transparent condition? We tried to design from this perspective.


Explicitly speaking, we installed acrylic walls with a width of 220mm, a height of 3200mm, and a thickness of 50mm vertically, and punched 170mm-diameter round holes on them. Then small metal accessories for fixing jewelry are embedded in three places on the section surface of the round hole, and these three accessories have variations suitable for displaying all types of jewelry. In addition, the round section surface of the transparent acrylic hole has been frosted to become a light-absorbing surface.


By presenting the jewelry in the floating halos, we create an elegant state for the jewelry and make every one of them feel special.

项目名称: LIGHT MARK 蘇州

设计&完成年份 2021.8.1-2021.10.11  /  2021.12.25

主创及设计团队 小嶋伸也 , 小嶋綾香 , 泰川恵多朗 , 陈舒天 , 黄永顺 , 罗伊,  遠藤直輝





Design year & Completion year: 2021.8.1-2021.10.11  /  2021.12.25

Lead architects : Shinya Kojima , Ayaka Kojima

Design team : Shinya Kojima , Ayaka Kojima , Keitaro Yasukawa , Shutian Chen , Yongshun Huang , Yi Luo , Naoki Endo

Project location: China・Suzhou
Gross build area: 120SQM
Photo credit: Zhu Runzi