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光境入画 ,融入物料最原始的质感和颜色,当堆叠的空间细密的纹理与光相遇时,就会自然地生发出美妙的光影效果。


It’s a place of spiritual purity,

The light,

It’s a substance with temperature.

“We are born of light, and we experience the seasons through light” — Louis Kahn

Light into the painting, into the most original material texture and color, when the stacked space fine texture and light meet, will naturally give out a wonderful light and shadow effect.





Following the philosophy of minimalism and pursuing self-restraint, perfectionists contain the concept of wabi-sabi in space, living and growing together with light, blooming bright flowers of life in a low-key world.

Famous designer Gaudi said: “The straight line belongs to man, the curve belongs to God, all inspiration comes from nature and fantasy.” The contour of the space is constructed by using the curved surface of different forms, and the simple and rhythmic curve extends the sense of moving and changing scenery of the space. The beauty is often hidden between loops. The curve is like the artistic feeling like running clouds and flowing water, walk through that winding path to pass the place of you and me, finally seek a bright future.





All are made for the law, not the fixed law, all are created from the heart.

The flow of space is inseparable from the horizontal extension and vertical connection. The ladder is like a scene like a dream story. With the extended brush strokes, the horizontal axial thrust is generated, the space rotation experience, and the matrix changes of openness and introversion make people immersed in the internal balance and stability of the building.





“Space, light and order,” Le Corbusier once said, “are as necessary to human existence as bread and a place to sleep.” We need to revive new ideas and dialogues in the old space and time. The use and understanding of materials are also based on the release of spatial emotions. Light and shadow divide the traction alternately, strengthen the spatial level and attribute, through the glass, falling in the space.

Limited | infinite | rules | no moment




The meaning of dreaming is not to freeze, but to keep changing and opening up every possible channel. From sunrise to sunset, the sun changes its position every minute and every second. Space and light are inseparable, and the texture description of the surface emerges under the irradiation of light. We allow light to be free and controllable, shadow to follow shape, and silence to return.



项目名称 :MHD建筑事务所

设计方 :MHD建筑事务所


完成年份 :2022年



项目地址: 福建 福州 鼓楼

建筑面积: 300m²

摄影版权: MHD建筑事务所