未见青山·慢方舍 | 心灵的庇护所



The torrent of the city entangles us to keep moving forward, and anxiety is like a shadow. Under the pressure of the fast pace, the ideals of youth are shackled, the mind is exhausted, and there is nowhere to hide. The passion that I had in the countryside as a child was also buried in the reinforced concrete of the city.




We are trying to find a new way of life: there is warmth and stories, listening to insects and birds, and smelling flowers. Get rid of fatigue and anxiety, and awaken the pastoral feelings of childhood.




The pouring light and shadow give people a feeling of warmth and softness.




Looking at the sunrise and sunset of Yandang Mountain in the distance, seek inner peace and healing. This is a “home-grown” house in the village. After design and transformation, it presents a relaxed and contemporary art-like “shared” space.




Entering the first floor space from the entrance hall, the space is divided into two by the still water landscape in the central area, and the stairs are hidden behind it. While taking into account the privacy, it also adds more artistic atmosphere to the space, so the division of space is more concise. With reception, leisure, dining and other functions.


慢方舍 · 铁定溜溜(Slow Fangshe · Tieding)



相较于大多数的民宿而言,未见青山系列,更加的多元,去边界化,更注重其在地性。如果说,慢方舍 · 铁定溜溜,追求的是一种乡野意趣之情,那么位于雁荡山下的慢方舍,寻觅的则是一种心灵归属感,它呈现出的状态更加包容、更具温度。

Compared with most homestays, there is no Castle Peak series, which is more diverse, de-boundary, and pays more attention to its locality. If it is said that the slow Fangshe · Tie Dingyou is pursuing a kind of rural interest, then the slow Fangshe located at the foot of Yandang Mountain is looking for a sense of spiritual belonging, and its state is more inclusive and more inclusive. temperature.





Part of the space of the house is open to the outside world as a homestay, and the other part belongs to the private space of the owner of the homestay. It is both a home and an open and shared free space.




“Home” is undoubtedly cordial and warm, giving people spiritual comfort.




During the design process, the whole space is lit up with a large area of natural light and shadow, making it more warm and peaceful. Here, with the afterglow of the sunset outside the window, you can drink tea, wine, and cigars, savoring the leisurely scene of the moment.




Through the shaping of space, color and material, the collision between contemporary furniture and medieval furniture gives it an elegant and inclusive temperament. So far, Slow Fangshe is not only a display living space, but also a real embodiment of life.




Art paintings on the walls, leather sofas, and various small objects collected all decorate the space and give it a new vitality. Refined and elegant, quiet and peaceful, tolerant.



Simple but not simple space and quality contemporary furniture restore the essence of life.




The room space is decorated with furniture in neutral tones, and the image of “home” is constantly sublimated by using a large area of wood veneer and linen material.



Slow Fangshe, not only has feelings, but also creates a new way of life and attitude to life, providing a new possibility for people who have lived in the city for a long time to live an ideal rural life.









项目名称:未见青山 • 慢方舍
Project Name: No Castle in sight • Slow Fang She
Project Type: Homestay/Residential
Space Design & Soft Decoration:Slow Coral Design
Chief Designer:Xu Jinglei
Design Team:Hu Jia, Xie Yuelu, Qi Junshi, Su Bingjian
Art Team:Art Party
Construction Team:Jingzhuanghui
Construction Area:1570m²
Completion Date:2022
Project Photography:  Shi Zifeng






Slow Coral Design is a creative design company focusing on rural cultural tourism projects and urban boutique projects, focusing on the spatial aesthetics and experience senses inside and outside the building.


The team has accumulated rich experience in cultural tourism planning, programming, architecture, landscape and other comprehensive landing projects, and is good at full-case landing design services in the fields of homestays, hotels, offices, and commerce. The design works have won a series of internationally renowned awards in recent years.