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Located on the outskirts of Jesolo, one of the most popular seaside resort cities in Italy, Nova[plan is a private boutique residential development project of nine regular triangular villas.  Started in 2011, the forward-looking developer and the architect RBA carried out a discussion on the application of passive buildings in small-scale private residential building, pursuing the perfect integration of high-standard sustainable building technology and financial efficiency, as well as healthy indoor living environment.



Site 场地


Master Planning



The building complex consists of nine independent villas, which are connected to the municipal green space through a large pedestrian area.  The design of triangular shapes, façade opening, volume orientation and height control ensure the natural daylight and landscape views of each house, as well as maximize each solar gain during cold seasons.



Height & Roof Slope Control 高度与屋顶斜率控制

Shadow Control建筑日照与阴影控制



The Villa



As a residential building project, in addition to creating and implementing design forms, we hope to promote a more harmonious, more reasonable and healthier architectural attitude, spatial attitude and attitude towards life.




Space Morphology 空间形态


In addition to paying attention to the originality of the design, the details of the design and the construction of the project, of course, these are the foundations of course. On this, we pay more attention to how the new building will be more friendly in the urban living environment. If you let everyone portray the ideal living environment, it may easily resonate, you need to open up free space, you need emotional communication, you need beautiful streets, and you need plants that are just as good. It is not a blind ideal state. The evolution of the behavior of people in hundreds of worlds and the performance of the relationship between urban scales is typical and most original yearning. And while the builders of this city are also paying attention to economic benefits and manufacturing costs, are we still likely to adopt new design languages, more comprehensive planning concepts and new technology development and application, which does not violate the growth of urban modernization? It also provides a natural and comfortable place to stay.


除了关注设计的原创度,设计的细节与建造的工程,当然这些是理所当然的基础,在此之上,我们更加反思新建建筑如何再城市人居环境中更友好地存在。 如果让每个人描绘理想的生活环境,可能很容易产生共鸣,我们需要开阔自由的空间,需要情感交流,需要漂亮的街道,需要繁茂得恰到好处得植物。这不是一种盲目的理想状态,这是从几百个世纪中人的行为与城市尺度关系的演化与磨合中得来的,是一种最典型又最原始的向往。而在当下这个城市的建造者同样关注经济效益与制造成本的情况下,我们是否仍然有可能通过新的设计语言,更全面的规划概念以及新的技术研发与应用,既不违背城市现代化的生长,又提供一处自然舒适的住所。


Living 室内会客厅


Passive House As A Living Creature.



Designing and building a home means triggering processes that will affect multiple generations and will not only affect the cost of maintenance and management. The choice of suitable materials, technologies and systems allows the realization or redevelopment of homes with very low energy consumption and which, at The same time, offer a high level of thermal comfort and respect for the environment. For a result that satisfies the inhabitants, it is essential above all the care of the single details.




Energy Consumption Diagram 能耗图表


Solar Gain Study 社区光照分析


Ventilation    /   自然通风窗地面积比

Illuminating   /  自然采光窗地面积比

Solar gain      /  零能耗需求太阳辐射得热窗墙面积比


In order to achieve comfortable and energy-saving natural ventilation / natural lighting/interior temperature adjustment,  the window-room area ratio refers to the local climatic conditions experience values, local regulations and professional calculation verification done by Casaclima.


为了实现舒适节能的 自然通风/自然采光/室内温度调节,参考当地气候条件经验数值,满足当地规范要求,经过Casaclima专业计算验证所需要的开窗面积与房间面积的比率控制。


In order to improve the accuracy of the material specification, the building details, the construction budget and the building site, 3D mockup and BIM have been taken as main design approaches for better understanding of the overall process.




3D foundation details 三维基础大样示例

Mechanical Control Ventilation 新风系统模拟



Elevation 立面图



Technical Section剖面图















Location |  Jesolo, Italy

Service | Architecture Design,  Interior Design, Sustainability

Director | Ruggero Baldasso

Arch. Area | 305 m2

Arch. Volume | 783 m3

Design Time | 2011-now

Special mention: Casaclima Certificate G




项目地址 | 耶索洛,意大利

项目类型 | 建筑设计,室内设计,可持续设计

建筑面积 | 305 m2

单体体量 | 783 m3

设计时间 | 2011至今

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