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Dune Tour - Pin Restaurant, China by PADSTUDIO

Project Overview



Pin Restaurant is a western restaurant specializing in steak. The project is located on the second floor of a commercial complex in Shantou, Guangdong, in a space of 450 square meters. The client hopes that the entire space can have a flexible open dining area and bar area and Several semi-enclosed relatively independent dining spaces also require a 100-square-meter kitchen space.




Intent-Dune Tour



The texture architectural design team draws sensory elements from the attributes and characteristics of the restaurant, and starts to imagine from it. The sunset dunes are used as the design concept of the entire space atmosphere, and the cascading and undulating space structure is combined with the needs of use to form a unique space. Space atmosphere, thus creating a restaurant with a sense of roaming in the dunes.



Dune-Generating structure



We hope that when customers enter this space, they can strongly feel the space atmosphere we have created, as if entering a fantasy. When you come out of the elevator, the first thing that catches your eye is the super-long image wall and the reception desk. Along the long sloping wall at the entrance, a 2.7-meter square door is pushed open, bypassing the warm yellow light beam, and entering the open The bar area and dining area seem to be instantly under the cascading desert dunes.




The curved surface of the ceiling subtly hides the blunt structure and messy pipelines of the original building under this “sand dune”. The pure and highly visually striking space block and the progressive level relationship create a unique experience for customers. An amazing experience of roaming among the dunes.




Roaming-Tissue moving line



We interpret the concept of roaming the dunes as free exploration in the desert. The five curved surface structures with different volumes and postures naturally divide the space near the window into several relatively private dining spaces, which can meet the needs of some customers to enjoy food in a relatively comfortable atmosphere. Each wall is twisted and tilted at different angles to form a variety of interesting semi-enclosed spaces, free and secret, roaming in the space as if experiencing a journey of searching for food.




Shadow-Create atmosphere



The curved wall plays a good role in blocking sunlight, greatly reducing the excessive natural light during the day and entering the open dining space in the central area. The light and shadow that penetrated between the staggered camber blocks also show different attitudes, just like the light between the sand dunes.





The staggered “sand dunes” blocks on the façade and ceiling, the free moving lines roaming in the “sand dunes”, the creation of space atmosphere and light and shadow all add interest and experience to this space. The two warm yellow lampposts in the space are like lighthouses that suddenly appear in the desert dunes, and the spherical luminous body symbolizes the sun, guiding us over the cascading dunes.




Thinking-What do we want to say?



The space design of this project cleverly solves the creation of various needs such as space function, moving line and structure through a single and powerful language. The texture architecture starts from the space itself, combines the commercial image to excavate the site characteristics, makes the space language a medium between the inside and the outside, and thinks about more possibilities of the commercial space. Every project is a new exploration. We strive to extract design language from multiple dimensions, to try, to take risks, and to make breakthroughs.



项目信息 Project Info













Project Name: Dune Tour – Pin Restaurant

Design Firm: PADSTUDIO

Project Responsible: Ma Hongfeng

Leader Designer: Ma Xuexin

Participatory Designer: Ma Jiatao, Zheng Danyan, Chen Jiacheng

Project Location: Shantou, Guangdong, China

Gross Built Area: 450sq. m

Main Materials: Tile, Hand Paint, Stainless Steel, Solid Wood Blocks

Start Time: September 2021

Completion Time: February 2022

Photographer: YUUUUNSTUDIO


简介 Company Profile

PADSTUDIO 质感建筑设计工作室由马宏锋和马学鑫于2015年共同创立,是一家致力于创新性建筑、空间的设计机构。



荣誉 Honor

2021  金腾奖 年度商业空间设计大奖

2021  金腾奖 年度住宅公寓空间设计大奖

2021  CIID 中国室内设计大奖赛 休闲娱乐工程类 金奖

2021  CIID 中国室内设计大奖赛 最佳设计企业奖

2021  TINTA 金邸奖 商业空间/娱乐消费类 铜奖

2021  IDEA-TOPS 艾特奖 商业空间设计类别 银奖

2021  40 UNDER 40 中国(广东)设计杰出青年

2021  金住奖 中国十大居住空间设计师

2021  WYDF 年度大中华区100大杰出设计青年

2021  NCA 中国新商业空间大奖 年度杰出新商业空间设计师

2021  潮设计奖 潮设计空间TOP100

2021  老宅新生设计奖 优秀商业空间奖

2021  金外滩奖 最佳商业空间奖类别优秀奖

2021  筑巢奖 普通户型 优秀奖

2021  ArchDaily 年度建筑大奖 入围提名

2020  40 UNDER 40 中国(汕头)设计杰出青年

2020  NCA 中国新商业空间大奖 年度杰出新商业空间设计师

2020  NCA 中国新商业空间大奖 年度最美快时尚餐厅

2020  KAPOK 红棉中国设计奖 室内设计奖

2020  CIID 中国室内设计大奖赛 粤东地区“金十佳”提名奖

2020  IDEA-TOPS 艾特奖 餐饮空间设计类别优秀奖


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