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The Chinese Fashion

自2018年“国潮元年”至今,中国本土创意 – 本土制造已经掀起了此起彼伏的自信浪潮,迸发出了前所未有的消费热情,这是疫情新时代下,“制造业高质量发展”的奠基与“人们追求美好生活”的期愿,所碰撞出的火花。口口目,一家在国产女鞋行业内深耕几十年的本土潮流领军品牌,借助其强大制造生产能力,已经开始思考本土元素,自主创意研发,以及当下新媒体的结合运用,探索前行转型。而如何在600平方的高维立体空间内实现新潮品的幕后办公,设计,研发,制作,展示,新媒体宣发这一系列自由而有序的发生,URBAN设计师尝试交出这样一份可能性。

Since 2018 “The Chinese Fashion Year”, the concept of Design in China – Made in China has raise an extraordinary heat in the field of local brands and sells., which represent the combination of Chinese manufactory capability with local pursuit of enjoying life. As a leading company of Chinese footwear production, Koukoumu, having its own powerful production foundation, has been exploring the upgrading idea of mixing local design research, local production, and local social media promotion. We URBAN designer also try to response to these requests, achieving a balance among office working, design, research, production, display, self-media broadcasting within a three-dimension 600m2 space.




Different from traditional street shops, the studio needs to carry a larger proportion of the actual use needs of closed-door R&D and production. Unlike traditional workshops, the concept studio also undertakes a certain proportion of entertainment and the possibility of shooting. White is a color gamut that has no distance and cannot be defined, neutral, neutral, self-contained but not alienated, using white to accept different elements, different interactions, and different possibilities.




It seems to be free, but it is actually orderly. Whether front-end feedback and backend R&D adjustments can be transmitted in both directions with maximum efficiency determines whether a trendy brand can accurately and quickly grasp the current creative hotspots.





Space Morphology






项目地址 |     广州市荔湾区

服务内容 |     商业空间设计

项目规模 |     600平方米

项目时间 |     2021.12-2022.03

项目团队 |     Ruggero Baldasso,Evelyn Chen,Andrea Pasqua, 湛柱坚,梁祖儿

摄影团队 |     姚朝辉

推文排版 |     施星澜