重庆印制一厂山鬼精品酒店改造 丨寻常设计


▼酒店外观,exterior view

Hotel Mont Mirage is located at Pipashan in Chongqing City which is near Chongqing Liberation Monument. Designed by Usual Studio, the two old Chongqing No. 1 printing factory buildings were transformed into Mont Mirage hotel with novel look. Located on the slope land with spectacle, the two buildings of Mont Mirage sit on the field’s one after the other. With the privileged front view of Yangtze River, guests can have a bird’s eye view of the oasis between the two bridges and enjoy the skyline scenery. This hotel has great views, facing the Yangtze River, that guests could overlook the oasis between the two bridges and enjoy the city skyline.

▼项目概览,project overview ©Tim Wu

▼建筑鸟瞰,aerial view of the building ©Tim Wu

▼改造后的酒店,the hotel after renovation ©Tim Wu

01.愿想与类比: 嫁衣的裙摆

Wedding dress

因场地中带有历史感的工业建筑与开阔的江景,经常会吸引崇尚个性的游客来拍摄打卡。这也提醒了设计师,结合影视文创以及既有婚纱摄影业态,可以升级打造为针对年轻化人群对于“爱情”这一主题的艺术美学空间,这一定位也呼应了山鬼Mont Mirage酒店的品牌调性。

▼建筑化的“裙摆”空间,the design is inspired by the swinging wedding dress ©Tim Wu


The bride’s wedding dress swinging with wind is a wonderful classic scene. Picturing the old building is a pretty bride, , our task is to design a suitable wedding dress and bring the most beautiful part out. Therefore, our design concept is to use the dress to connect the two old buildings lightly and softly which makes the old factories have a fresh look.

▼“裙摆”幕墙概览,“wedding dress” facade ©Tim Wu


The “wedding dress” is made up of cement shell structure and metal curtain wall. This design creates an open space that includes hotel reception, rest space and multifunction rooms. Guests can walk down the path shaped by the structure which making guests to enjoy changing views at different places. The varied space views and experience is what we want to present and bring to the guests, just like the space activity experience in the natural mountain city.

▼“裙摆”由薄壳结构与金属幕墙构成,the “wedding dress” is made up of cement shell structure and metal curtain wall ©Tim Wu

▼通往屋顶泳池的走廊,corridor to the pool on the roof ©Tim Wu

Old and New


▼改造前原厂房和原宿舍,the old factory and the dormitory building before renovation ©usual studio

We use two methods for reconstruction. One is a new changes, bold and creative. Another is to keep the history part so that both new and old could exist. The new part is like a white canvas, pure and gentle, which contrast sharply with the coarse old wall and the bare cement beam. We tried to create a situation that being in a hotel, guests can feel the vitality and sense of contemporary aesthetics for the reconstruction and recall the historical beauty of the old factory as well.

▼建筑分解图,axon exploded

▼二层活动平台,outdoor terrace ©Yi-Long Zhao


There is good historical and aesthetic value in the facade of the factory. Therefore, after the protective restoration, the brick is still used as a building facade. We believe that the facade not only present a dignified sense brought by years , but also to convey the idea that every aging brick can still feel the season changing and the time slipping.

▼修缮后的厂房立面,the renovated facade of the factory building ©Tim Wu

▼厂房立面细部,facade detailed view ©usual studio

▼通往屋顶的楼梯,stair leading to the roof top ©Tim Wu


The backyard on the north side is a natural poetic space. The ivy and the brick on the old wall are traces of history. When the sun shines through the leaves, the mottled light and shadow is the wealth given by the years and nature. We want to preserve the uniqueness of this space.

▼后院建筑,building in the backyard ©usual studio

▼后院建筑立面,facade view ©Tim Wu

▼厂房楼梯间,stair well in the factory building ©Tim Wu

Light and Shadow


We consider “light” as an indispensable design material, including natural light or artificial light.The right design allow the light and shadow to be more than functional, and to create the pleasure of the spirit. For example, the lighting patio of the Atrium Court and the roof skylight of the auditorium not only complements the lighting, but the slender and orderly geometry also outlines the abstract light and shadow matrix, leading the desire longing for stars exploration.

▼中庭平台,the lighting patio ©box media

▼大堂接待区,reception in the lobby ©Tim Wu

▼中庭休息区,atrium relaxing area ©Yi-Long Zhao

▼中庭休息区,atrium relaxing area ©Tim Wu

▼多功能礼堂,auditorium ©Tim Wu

▼礼堂室内立面,internal facade of the auditorium ©Tim Wu

In the Art


We define the hotel as a miniature landscape city. Guests can take a leisurely walk between the lobby and the courtyard, and stay in the art hall to experience the mixture light and shadow. Lights are on when the night falls, guests get a city night view while swimming in the superb rooftop pool.

▼西餐厅,restaurant ©Yi-Long Zhao

▼天际酒吧,skyline bar ©Yi-Long Zhao

▼无边泳池,infinite pool ©Yi-Long Zhao


The exclusive view of Yangtze River is for guests staying in the guestrooms. Transformed from old factory, Hotel Mont Mirage possesses the antique glory of old house with the good landscape. It’s an innovation and inspiration for resort hotel to provide different experiences to guests and the industry. We also hope that this reconstruction project will bring some ideas for the current urban renewal and renovation of the old house.

▼江景客房,guest room with river view ©Yi-Long Zhao

▼客房卫浴,bathroom ©Yi-Long Zhao

▼总平面图,site plan

▼首层平面图,plan level 1

▼二层平面图,plan level 2

▼中庭剖面图1,atrium section 1

▼中庭剖面图2,atrium section 2





项目设计 & 完成年份:2018年(设计)2019年(竣工)




项目地址:重庆 渝中区 后街影视产业园


摄影版权:Tim Wu, 赵奕龙 ,盒子传媒

合作方:重庆山鬼Mont Mirage