心之归属 一抹灵动的白

Where the Heart Belongs —the Ethereal White


White, utterly distinct from chaos, is the ultimate expression of holiness and purity. The world is inundated with myriads of colors, and thus our eyes sometimes need to take a rest from the excess. The designer tries to create such a spiritual space where the heart becomes clear and the yearning for home arises.


For any business space, service and unique customer experience are the real charm. Every guest who pay visits to the sales center will be mesmerized by the pervasive white and their delicate feelings, especially the imagination for their future home, will be awakened.


The 700 square-meter open space is functionally partitioned by the architect from the structural perspective. The gracefully curved arches give expression to the beauty of order, the upwardly stretched form symbolizes growth momentum, and the openwork metal screens attach an oriental poetic ambience to the space. Spreading on the wall, the floor and the roof, white is ubiquitous with a variety of texture and shades. The space thus appears unifying but never monotonous, and white is both the protagonist and the background. The openwork archway looks like a white brushstroke, sometimes flowing while sometimes pausing, leading the space narrative of visitors: (guests) getting to know the property, negotiating, shown around and signing the contract. Guests, in this narrating process, gradually find their dreamt home.


Being the first station of the trip, the reception impresses guests with the company’s elegance with the help of spatial vocabulary: white, arch, golden, round, concave and convex, and gap. The translucent petal-shape chandelier has uneven lampshade, echoing the upcoming spatial stories.


Walking along the wall of classical texture, guests step from reality to the spatial narrative. The model display area is located in an open space symmetrical to the central axis, and a huge petal-shaped chandelier above emits futuristic light. Under the chandelier, guests get to know the project, interact with the intelligent sand table, and start to imagine their ideal home.


An outdoor garden-like atrium is in sight. Two carefully selected green plants bring the changing of the four seasons inside. Against the modern metal openwork, with shadow of plants swirling, a balance is reached between natural beauty and the artificial one.


Even the most vivid expression would lose its charm if the space is stuffed with excessive utensils. Designers know this and artfully turn furniture into ornaments in the negotiation room. In this way, furniture like chairs are both functional (for guests to sit on) and aesthetic (for guests to appreciate).


The air-permeable arches stretch in the VIP area and tea-tasting area. Sitting on the semi-enclosed sofa in the VIP area, guests, between conversations, can enjoy the distant vague view. The long table in the tea-tasting area leads guests’ eyes to the green plants in the atrium, the future tree of life.


The large water bar, which is against the main façade of the negotiation area and looks like a giant painting, brings the negotiation to a climax. The base of the bar is made of crystal-like glass bricks, supporting the marble countertop with Chinese ink texture. The bar thus is a contrast between crystal and touch, sensibility and sense, outlining the artistic conception of landscape with the use of modern materials. The chandeliers with a mixture of white, gold and blue colors resemble jumping notes one after another piercing through the tranquility of the space, and the movement flows in front of the white airy curtain. The sight falls back to the human scale.


Coming back from the futuristic model room, guests will be greeted by the passage which continues to drive the spatial narrative forward. The white dots of different shades are nonopaque, and the light coming through makes the whole space looks minimalist. Gradually, guests become more and more attached to the journey searching for the home for their hearts to take a rest.


Amid the dominating white, the VIP reception room is tinted with a large portion of blue, which stands for sense and firmness. Metal decorations and abstract artefacts, displaying respect and low-profile luxury, elevates the company’s image.


The area for signing contracts is constructed with clean straight lines and decorated with metal materials. Nothing is superfluous in the area, and every article is doing its best in fulfilling its role in building the ambience of the space. This somehow resembles guests’ determination after deliberation and hesitation.


Tadao Ando once said, “If flowers, trees, flowing water, light and wind can be extracted from nature according to people’s own wishes, then the world is close to heaven.” Texture and color are used as natural skin of the space and different textures reach an agreement in different shades of white. The contrast between the real and the virtual enriches the space’s artistic conception. The marble surface is reflective: lights and shadows are used as the only decoration, shifting every hour. The length of shadow and the spotlight of the downlight change with the sunlight during the day, reminding people that time is fleeting and emotions are changing.


By using spatial narrative to propel guests’ psychological rhythm, the design team follows the projects positioning of technology house and highlights the company’s unique brand image. The interior design and landscape, coupled with the specific condition of the site, create an open and natural emotional force. Business and aesthetics are put  in perfect harmony. From the outlines of the architecture to the details of each space, guests will find where their heart belongs in the flowing white atmosphere.


Project Name: Tianjin Country Garden Zhongjuntianhuan Sales Center


Project Location: East side of the intersection of Huaidong Road and Qinhe Road, Beichen District, Tianjin


Project Area: 700 m2


Project Completion Date: September 2019


Project Company: Shanfangzhu Art Design Co. Ltd.


Project Main Creators:Liu Yujie


Shanfangzhu Art Design Co. Ltd. was founded by Zhong Shanfeng and Liu Yujie. It treasures the memory of humanistic aesthetics in the city and aims to create poetic and idyllic dwellings in the countryside. It is also committed to building a keen sense of contemporary life, and hopes to pursue an artistic understanding of space, environment and aesthetics from the perspective of architecture planning and interior design.