Woodco 新总部/iarchitects

室内 办公空间



面积: 2000平方米


建筑设计项目:iarchitects (Davide Cumini, Francesco D’Asero, Pietro Perego)

项目负责人:Davide Cumini

合作人:arch. Erik Mainardis, Arch. Bruno Minichini

摄影:© Claudia Calegari

Year: 2014-2018

Area: 2000 square meters

Client: Woodco

Architectural project: iarchitects (Davide Cumini, Francesco D’Asero, Pietro Perego)

Project leader: Davide Cumini

Collaborators: arch. Erik Mainardis, Arch. Bruno Minichini

photo: © Claudia Calegari

iarchitects设计了位于意大利北部特伦托的Woodco 新总部,Woodco Heaquarter是一家位于意大利北部的公司。

iarchitects designed the new Woodco Heaquarter in Trento a company located in northern Italy   realizing wooden floors.


The client asked for new offices and workspaces, but also renewing the company’s image.


Once the existing site has been demolished, iarchitects grafted the previous geometry into a new volume with a more complex geometry that amplifies the brightness of the spaces, and gives identity to the main entrance thanks to a new glass façade.


The building is on three levels and presents a renewed functional distribution distinguishing the private area of the offices on the top floor- from the public spaces- showroom, meeting rooms, auditoriums located on the ground floor; the third floor houses a large terrace for events and presentations


Beyond the entrance, the large open space is marked by a triple-height vacuum that defines the reception desk underlined by Artemide suspension lamps, behind the desk a wall on which the company logo stands, hides the staircase body.


From the center of the space, the exhibition spaces are organized with display tables and sliding panels, meeting areas, meeting room and auditorium reconfigurable according to needs, and finally a large dining room for employees.


Imagined as a chilldown area, an installation of backlit wood essence panels defines a cozy and informal corner with furnishings from the organic forms of Moroso.


On the upper floor we find the offices, a meeting room for internal meetings and a touchdown area.Natural light becomes a design element, amplified thanks to the choice of internal glass walls, which allows visual opening and brightness and to the chromaticity of the walls and floors, as well as furnishing elements that change to neutral shades from white to beige to taupe , giving the space an effect of great visual softness.


The top floor with a small terrace has been designed to accommodate events and exhibitions.

Davide Cumini,iarchitects的合作伙伴,宣称:“新总部包含一个相当有限的工作组和能够在有限的范围内工作的并根据定制设计,照顾每一个细节和客户的需要的Woodco总部精品办公室”。

Davide Cumini, partner of iarchitects, declares: “The new headquarters hosts a rather limited working group and being able to work on a limited scale has led us to conceive the new Woodco headquarters as a boutique office, according to a tailor-made design, taking care of every detail and customer’s need “.

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