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自然酒(Natural Wine) 用有机或生物动力学的葡萄自然酿成,在葡萄园尽量不使用化学合成品(化肥、农药、除草剂、硫化机)以及在酿酒期间不使用实验室培育酵母,不加糖加酸、不加二氧化硫so2、不过滤澄清,尽可能的降低人工干预。

What is Natural Wine?

Natural Wine is naturally brewed with organic or biodynamic grapes, we use only wild yeast during the period of vinification, with minimal synthetic chemistry( chemical fertilisers, pesticides, herbicide, vulcanizer) at the vineyard. No chaptalization and acidification, So2, filtration and clarification with little artificial interference.




Natural wine has no need to pander to market selection nor belong to one standard style of any Chateau.




Natural wine is the most authentic product of nature, it has the appearance of Terror, as well as the sincere gesture of artisans.








People who take natural wine as their career are normally a bit “crazy”, they will spend the day and night on the field with the grapes because of their enthusiasm, they will also research various ancient papers to discover the secret behind the wilderness, and experiment with more naturally original brewing techniques. This group of “nuts” are distinctive and ambitious, their beliefs turn to the courage to be unafraid of the temporal perspective.


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酒疯子(Wine Nuts)由几位90后女孩创立。她们迷恋自然发酵,迷恋万物自然生长,是一群怀着对脚下这片土地的热爱与崇敬,固执的喜欢纯粹真实和食物的“疯子们”。


“Wine Nuts” is found by some girls born after the 1990s. They are fond of the process of wild fermentation;  the vitality of things on the ground. They are a group of “nuts” who love and reverence our lands and they are tenaciously besotted with the pure original food from these lands.


室外日景 ©wt architects

Day View Exterior








​The idea of “original”, and “natural” become the keywords during the beginning communication with the clients, from their concept of the brand and their thinking of natural wine.






Stonehenge stands in the Salisbury Plain, southwest of London. Huge stones standing there on the green, mysterious and full of power, the most original and natural space.


设计草图 ©wt architects






Several bigs stones happen in the space as big columns, at the same time as dividing space, these columns become the thing which makes people feel safe and reliable.





The skin of the stones was crafted abstract through texture which demonstrates a sense of original roughness and strength. The combination of the skin and psychedelic, ambiguous lighting creates a mysterious and relaxed drinking atmosphere.


室内夜景©wt architects

Interior View


室外夜景©wt architects

Exterior View




Not to make fake stones looks similar to the real ones, we choose to make them look more abstract that only reflects the feeling of the original by the man-made slot cut crafted. After the craftsmanship of the slot cut experiment with various cement humidity and gap density, the slot was finished under the natural site condition to try to avoid more human intervention.


拉槽细节 ©wt architects

Slot Cut Detail




A huge stone, long 5 meters and high 2.3 meters, lay on the main entry which passes through the glass into the interior. It illustrates a sense of wandering between the real and abstract nature through the diverse forms to experience the similar temperament. It is also the highest formality that is given to the “wine nuts” who come for celebrates the natural wine charm.


巨石细节 ©wt architects

Stone View




The ancient path leading to the stone columns in Stonehenge is aligned with the rising sun on the morning of the summer solstice. The line between the other two stones points in the direction of sunset on the winter solstice. The position of the stones corresponds to the changing time, producing the correlation between space and time.


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Except for the natural growth process from a seedling to a bunch of grapes, then a bottle of wine, it takes enough patience to wait. The changing moon plates were designed to illustrate the naturally passing time on the door head which represents such a process of the natural wine production cycle.



The light with shadow shuttle through the screen board under the night. Each moon has its own unique style under various lights.


月亮灯夜景©wt architects

Moon Light




Wine Cellar




Creativity and design are reflected on the natural wine label, each bottle has an unpredictable flavour, and consequently, the traditional way to order the glasses with the name is not suitable for “wine nuts”. According, the walk-in wine cellar is designed for the customers to experience an immersive wine selection.



酒窖使用玻璃和木架台组成,踏入酒窖后,深入下沉的空间会产生“包裹感” 。

A wooden wine rack with glass constitutes the wine cellar, when walk-in the area, the depth of space will produce the feeling of being encapsulated.


步入式酒窖©wt architects

Walk-in Wine Cellar




Deep dark night, 12 Moon Lights glow. The moonlight pass on the surface of the enormous stone that illustrates a sense of mystery, an ancient formation with rough but not coarse wall& column. It’s like stepping into the other ancient world.



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Wine Nuts平面图©wt architects

Wine Nuts Plan


Wine Nuts立面图©wt architects

Wine Nuts Elevation


Wine Nuts剖面图©wt architects

Wine Nuts Section



项目名称: Wine Nuts 酒疯子

Project Name: Wine Nuts

项目地址: 渝北区龙山一路与松石支路交叉口东约60米

Project Address: 60m east of The intersection of 1st Longshan Rd and Songshizhi Rd, Yubei, Chongqing

项目面积: 180㎡



Completion Time: 2022.03

主创设计师: 李未韬  李博

Cheif Architect: Weitao Li, Bo Li

项目设计师: 邓林

Project Architect: Lin Deng

设计团队: 张智睿  丁明新  陈秋岑

Design Team: Zhirui Zhang, Mingxin Ding, Cenqiu Chen

灯光设计: 袁有无

Lighting Desing: Youwu Yuan


Construction Drawing: Huaibin Luo

施工单位: 重庆市璞造装饰设计工程有限公司

Construction Unit: Chongqing Puzhao Decoration Design engineering Co., LTD


Lighting Supplier: Chongqing Xinzhiyuan Lighting Equipment Co., LTD


Furniture Customization: Zili

文章撰写:祁唐(ID: Kawara_)

Article Writing: Kawara


Article Type Setting: Amy


Poster Design: Lin Deng


Translation: Hongyu Chen


Image source: WT Architects



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